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Sonic Alert focusear – The Science of Improved Hearing

The Sonic Alert Commitment to Quality

Focusear by Sonic Alert is a quality electronic amplification hearing device (similar to a hearing aid) that will provide years of predictable performance. It is both capable and easy to use. Among some key features to consider when selecting a hearing device or PSAP (Personal Sound Amplifier Product) are:

  • A comfortable, great-fitting tip
  • Easy controls
  • Long battery life
  • T-Coil compatibility
  • Customer service

Sonic Alert paid close attention to these key issues, and is proud to offer a single hearing device or PSAP with all of these features. The Sonic ZTip is the most comfortable in the industry, stays in place securely without the readjustment that is common to silicon tips and domes, and is vented to allow for airflow. Our toggle control for volume is easily adjusted, as is the mode button to select the desired program. We provide only the highest quality 312 Zinc Air batteries to ensure the longest life possible as well as consistent noise reduction. Telephone Coil, or T-Coli usually found on expensive hearing aids, is a standard feature making phone conversations easy and clear. And, as with all Sonic Alert products, we are dedicated to providing the best customer support possible.

PSAP’s vs Hearing Aids

A PSAP can be a very effective and economical choice to hearing aids, which routinely cost many times more. These electronic devices are essentially the same, right down to design, look and functionality. Where hearing aids can be customized for each individual by an audiologist, a PSAP is a pre-programmed solution. With Focusear by Sonic Alert, we have an engineered electronic device aimed to improve hearing for situations that account for 85% of all hearing challenges – quiet settings, noisy settings and telephone conversations.

Customer Care

Sonic Alert has been providing solutions to individuals with a wide range of hearing problems since the doors opened 40 years ago. We’ve been a family driven company since that time, adding products along the way with careful consideration and strict R&D processes. We partner only with quality manufacturers who share our same commitment to improving quality of life and complete customer satisfaction. Behind our philosophy of innovating and manufacturing great products is an equal promise to our customers who need troubleshooting, repair or warranty assistance. Our dedicated staff is available and knowledgeable should you require support with any Sonic Alert product.

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