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Hearing Device Video

Video Transcript: Introducing a new innovation in hearing technology: FocusEar from Sonic Alert - a leader in hearing solutions for more than 40 years. FocusEar is a behind the ear, comfortable and affordable solution providing significant improvement for up to 85% of hearing challenges. FocusEar is a personal sound amplification product (or PSAP). Our pre-programmed device that can be used without requiring doctor appointments or calibration. FocusEar personal sound amplifiers enhance your hearing and allow you to focus on the sounds that matter most. Every day we are challenged with hearing soft and distant sounds. Whether for personal entertainment or in social settings, hearing is crucial for communication. FocusEar reduces background noises to help you focus on family and friends. With this unique technology, comfortable design and affordability, why miss another word? FocusEar from Sonic Alert.