• sonic traveler
  • focusear CES
  • PSAP
  • amplified phone visual
  • doorbell and telephone signaler
  • amplified telephone
  • clock with shaker
  • sonic alert shaker

Amplified Phones

amplified phones for the hearing impared

Geemarc quality amplified telephones with large displays, big buttons and many other convenience features.

Alarm Clocks

alarm clocks

A range of clocks feature up to 113 decibels plus tactile sensation with our Super Shakerâ„¢ bed vibrator to wake you up on time.

Personal Hearing

personal sound amplification device

Personal sounds amplification products (or PSAPs) are hearing devices that improve listening quality for a variety of hearing challenges.

Listening Devices

listening devices

Personal listening devices such as headsets and loop systems, including Bluetooth capability, to amplify everyday voices.

Signaling Devices

signaling devices

Offers a range of signaling devices for doorbells, telephones and other communications to keep you connected.