This thing is incredible. I could sleep through a marching band, but this gets me up 100% of the time. I haven't really used the vibrating thing, but the tone has great volume and pitch potential. Unfortunately on highest volume it wakes up my whole house...

Anonymous Customer

Product Spotlight

Cordless Amplified Telephone with Bonus Charging Base – AMPLIDECT350X

The mobile one! All the features and keeps you on the go around your home. This multifunctional telephone incorporates extra clear amplification of up to 40 dB for your incoming calls, or use the hands-free speakerphone while you are multi-tasking.

Ensure that you will never miss a call with a loud ringer and bright strobe flash. Easy dial large number keys, with four quick one-touch dial buttons for your most frequently called numbers and a rechargeable battery back-up to keep all your settings in the event of a power-outage.

This hearing aid compatible amplified telephone is perfect for your desk or bed-side table and with the bonus charging base, only the phone needs to move with you.