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HomeAware® II Alerting System

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There is no other alerting system like the HomeAware® II – it incorporates safety, security, and peace of mind. The HA360M-II main unit is the decision-making center for your entire system and can notify you of more than twenty alerts. It receives all the incoming notifications and sends out your alerts, while also acting as your reliable, extra-loud, dual alarm clock. To ensure all components of the HomeAware network are communicating with each other, the HA360M-II also monitors your system every 2 to 3 minutes.

With the integrated smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) sensor, your HA360M-II main unit will also listen for the sound or pattern of your smoke (T3) or carbon monoxide (T4) alarms. When a sound or pattern is registered, the system will notify you.

The HA360M-II has a built-in smartphone transmitter that will connect your smartphone to your HomeAware system via the dedicated HomeAware app Bluetooth connection, so you can be notified when a call or message comes in via scrolling caller ID.

Receive notifications via a bright red scrolling 2-inch display, eye-catching strobe flash, and a 105 dB audible alarm, all of which are fully customizable to meet your needs.

You can enhance your HomeAware-II capabilities by purchasing additional accessories.

Included features:

  • Built-in smoke/carbon monoxide listener with sensitivity setting
  • Built-in smartphone transmitter scrolls names and numbers on the display of incoming calls
  • Caller ID for incoming landline calls
  • Easy setup app for smartphones
  • USB charger for smartphones
  • Dual alarm clock with adjustable alarm and snooze duration
  • Bright digital scrolling alert display
  • Strobe and audible notifications
  • Voice alert notifications
  • Automatic rechargeable battery
  • Wi-Fi to send notifications outside the home (coming soon)

Additional features with added accessories:

  • Using the HA360SA2.1 HomeAware Security Alert, you can be notified of alerts from your weather radio, doorbell, and motion sensors
  • HA360SSSCK2.1 HomeAware Smoke & Carbon Monoxide (CO) Transmitter is an optional external smoke / CO listener, that expands your ability

to receive T3 / T4 notifications throughout the house

  • HA360V-II HomeAware Super Shaker notifies you through strong vibration
  • HA360SSBCK HomeAware Baby Cry notifies you when your baby needs you
  • HA360US HomeAware Universal Transmitter can alert you to a variety of notifications like the dog barking, kitchen timer, sump pump, and

garage door opening

  • HA360VB2.1 HomeAware Vibe personal pager can be carried with you to keep your notifications where you are and can be used to alert

people within the house of an emergency

  • HA360DR-II HomeAware Deluxe Receiver allows you to have an additional scrolling display and Super Shaker anywhere within the house
  • HA360BRK HomeAware Basic Receiver uses five easy to see icons (DOOR, BABY, TELEPHONE, EMERGENCY, ALERT) and flashing strobe to make

sure you never miss a system notification

  • HA360B HomeAware Blink is compact and portable, bringing you color-coded light notifications to even the tightest spaces in your home
  • HomeAware-II Wi-Fi Subscription Service is an optional service to send alerts to family members, caregivers, neighbors, and others outside the


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