About Us

The Origin Story of Sonic Alert

The story of Sonic Alert dates back to 1972. At the time, Sonic Alert Founder Adam Kollin was concerned for his grandmother. She was deaf and living on her own in Pontiac, MI. Concerned for her safety, he wanted to craft something that would alert her every time somebody would come to the door. Kollin came up with an idea to run wires through the floor and walls of his grandmother’s house. He crafted a system that would go off each time someone rang the doorbell. He also sought this system to be responsive to a telephone ring or an alarm clock going off.

The next item on his agenda was to create a system that goes beyond flashing lights. During this time, he was looking to obtain his ham radio license. He began to think about Morse code, which he had to know to receive his license. He decided to flash the lights in Morse code instead of letting the lights go beep. During this period, he had no plans to create a product such as this or a variety of product lines. He also wanted to make the device wireless, so his grandmother could control it.

He wanted the product to be remote control and utilizing radiofrequency. Home automation technology was not something that was around at the time. It was the age of rotary phones, where he received a loan from his father. Along with savings he had from his assembly job at Pontiac Motors, he launched Sonic Alert. His first product, the Sonic Alert, was a smart signaling system. Eventually, he evolved that concept into the current HomeAware smart signaling system.

Today, Sonic Alert sells its products in over 21 countries and is recognized globally as a leader in the international electronics field, helping the deaf, hard to wake, and elderly communities across the world. The company has been able to expand beyond smart signaling systems to create a product line that includes amplified telephones, listening devices, and alarm clocks. We are continually looking for ways to develop cutting-edge products that redefine our brand, mission, and the face of the international electronics world. As we continue to expand and grow, we seek to help everyone in the world who struggles in life. We want to be a bastion of hope for others and a ray of sunshine for the future of our industry and the world.

Sonic Alert is based in Troy, MI and continues to be proud of its roots in the metro Detroit community in southeastern Michigan.