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The Sonic Link Table Top Lamp Signaler - SA201

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Watch as the Sonic Link turns your lamp into a signal device. Witness your lamp's transformation into a signal device via the Sonic Link.

Have you ever wanted to use your lamp for something more? Are you curious about the possibilities? The Sonic Link, SA201, can transform your lamp into a signaling device. How the SA201 works is fascinating. 

You start by plugging a lamp into the SA 201. You want to make sure the switch on the lamp is on or it will not flash when your telephone rings. Following that, you will plug the SA 201 itself into the wall outlet. Going forward, you only want to use the switch on the SA201 to turn the lamp on or off. Once you press the button once, the lamp will turn on.

Should the green light be on and the lamp is not on, it is either turned off or the light bulb could be burned out. Turning the light to the "off" position will cause it not to flash after you activate the SA201.

There's no question the SA201 is a unique specimen. It's not every day you come across something that can transform your ordinary lamp into a signal system. See how incredibly worthwhile this is and watch your lamp start to flash!

The Sonic Link FEATURES:

• The SA201 will have a different sequence of flashing depending on which transmitter is being activated 
• Receives signals from any combination of doorbell, telephone, or sound signalers 
• The lamp you plug into the receiver can be turned off or on with the built-in light switch 
• Works with all Sonic Alert Sonic System Transmitters

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